Minecraft System Requirements

Aug 22, 12 Minecraft System Requirements

When you take a look at Minecraft, the first thing you might notice is the poor graphics. However, this game is all about adventuring and freedom and as such it has grown into a game that can put some serious stress on your PC, if you’re put into the right place. The shear size and atmosphere of the Minecraft world is difficult to be described with words. The only world that comes to mind is unlimited. You have complete and total freedom to do or build whatever you desire, of course if you have the time and patience to do it. Because of this, minecraft system requirements are rather low, and you can actually experience the game with a very, very outdated PC. On the other hand, if you go to the extremes and visit some epic builds, like the Star Trek battleship, you will experience intense stuttering and lag, due to the epic amount of individual blocks used to build it. I tried to test Minecraft out on a friend’s computer which was Pentium 4 and had 256 MB of RAM. And the game actually worked! On flat surfaces without any complex structures we managed to get 30 FPS which is acceptable. Obviously, this is not a PC on which you can play the game properly so I’d recommend you to get at least 2 GB of RAM and a dual core processor. This should be enough for you to experience Minecraft to the fullest, without missing out on any amazing features this game has to offer.

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